Class 4 & 7 MOT Tests

What is MOT Certification?
MOT's are annual checks to make sure that everything is running smoothly with your vehicle – not only is it a good idea to ensure the safety of you, your family and your passengers, it is also a legal requirement under the Road Traffic Act 1956 for cars over three years old.
What is Checked?
During your car's annual MOT check, various aspects will be inspected to ensure that the car is road-legal, safe to drive and performing to a satisfactory standard, this includes;
  • Visibility – the lights, signalling equipment and driver’s visibility are thoroughly examined to ensure that you can safely manoeuvre the vehicle, identify hazards and avoid them if necessary.
  • Steering – the car’s ability to turn efficiently, as well as the suspension will be checked.
  • Tyres and wheels – many problems are caused by bald tyres, under-inflation and difficulty in turning promptly – our mechanics check the tyres thoroughly to make sure everything is in order and legal.
  • Brakes – A comprehensive brake test will be carried out during your MOT to make sure that you can slow down, stop and carry out emergency stops when needed.
  • Seat belts – each seat belt will be tested in turn to ensure that they are suitable for performing their life-saving duties, should they need to.
  • Exterior and general body – This check includes aspects such as spoilers, bumpers and mirrors to ensure that all components of your car are road-legal and performing satisfactorily.
  • Emissions – The final check is to ensure that the exhaust system is working properly, to check that fuel is being used efficiently and measures the car’s emissions to check for anomalies.
Why Do I Need It?
Your car's annual MOT is a legal requirement and the certification provided means that you have proof of MOT, which may be required by government bodies and new owners, if you plan to sell your car within the next year. The certificate includes an MOT number, which is linked to a government database and hold your car's records, MOT status and mileage.
Aside from legal requirements, an MOT ensures that you, your passengers and other road users are safe when the vehicle is moving. An MOT may find signs of a small problem, which, if left untreated, could cause harm to you or damage your vehicle permanently.


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